With our team of qualified & experienced Technical professionals, facilities & specialized talent we do complex natures of fabrication jobs specific to the customers requirement in any type of Steel or stainless Steel.

For more than three decades we've maintained our strong position in the steel market. We work closely with our customers on every project as we believe there is more to a company than just getting the job done. We pride ourselves in contributing the best of our knowledge and skills thus ensuring every project is a huge success.

Structural Steel - All projects are carefully scheduled with our clients. Our capable technical staff provide a smooth transition from diagram drawings, engineering approval, detailed drawings through to fabrication. Our experienced erection team ensures site safety and timely completion. We are known to enjoy the challenge of the difficult and/or unusual projects

Design/Build - Our team of experienced engineers, drafters, fabricators and erectors work together on Design/Build Projects. We maintain client contact throughout to provide constant progress reports. Based on mutual trust, we focus on building solid relationships with all our clients to ensure every project is a success.

SEMCO values honesty, fairness and open communication. We understand the need for confidentiality and competitive pricing in today's market




1. Highly technical & experienced Design & Engineering.
2. Bending
3. Welding
4. Machining
5. Punching & Forming
6. Shearing
7. Rolling
8. Sand Blasting & Surface treatment
9. Non destructive Testing